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Rather than focusing on rankings and keywords, I take a people-first approach. By understanding who your audience is and what they're struggling with, we can determine who your most valuable visitors are and get your products and services in front of those who want them most.

"I was constantly impressed by Kevin's knowledge of not just SEO but the underlying technology that is often a mystery to most (unless you work at Google)." - Kathy Lin, Product Manager at Amazon.com

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Kick your ranking reports to the curb

You can't cash out your rankings, so why are you measuring them? I focus my SEO efforts on the things you need to actually drive your business forward: customers, conversions, and sales. Afterall, those are the metrics you use to measure your success, and it's only fair that you hold my work to the same standard. You'll never see a rankings report from me, so we can both spend our time doing things that actually drive revenue.

"Kevin has a keen grasp of the web mechanics that can yield improved ad revenues, overall site performance and SEO results." - Butch Sarma, GetLoaded.com

All visits are not created equal

If you've spent any time looking at your analytics and conversion reports, you know that some visitors are much more valuable than others. My 'people-first' SEO process is designed to maximize the volume of valuable visitors, ensure that we optimize for revenue (not visits), and align all SEO efforts with the businesses needs of your company.

"He understands the channels, knows the technical aspects and can drive initiatives to meet metrics and objectives." - Amanda Richardson, Head of Product at Prezi.com

How people-first SEO works

Snagajob's conversion growth in the two years they worked with Kevin

1. I will speak with your team and perform independent data analysis to determine who your most valuable visitors are. Then we'll be able to answer a few key questions: How do your most valuable visitors get to the site? What are they looking for? What do they do once they get there? Once we know which types of visitors are most valuable to your business, we can start working to get more of them.

2. Based on the data we gather during the discovery phase, I'll perform independent research and provide you with an estimate of the revenue you could earn if we optimized your site for the most valuable visitors. This won't be some pie in the sky number intended to give you the warm fuzzies. It will be a stretch goal, but it will be achievable, and I will you expect you to hold me to it.

3. Time for the site audit. This is where most SEO agencies and consultants start the process, but if they've skipped steps one and two, they can only optimize for keywords, not for revenue. At this point, I will take a deep look at your site, and recommend changes that can be made to both individual documents and the overall site architecture to drive more valuable visits. Making these changes will be critical to capturing more market share and boosting your revenue.

4. I will work with your engineering, product, development, and marketing teams to implement the changes that need to be made. I will also develop a content strategy tailored to attracting your most valuable visitors, and built to support your products or services.

"If you have the chance to work with Kevin I would highly recommend it. I'm constantly impressed." - Ashley Rhodes, Search Engine Marketing at Carmax.com

We might work together well if:

  • You move fast
  • You make data-driven decisions
  • Your site offers real value
  • You like to solve problems creatively
  • You will integrate me with your team
  • You embrace testing and iteration

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